More Spore Pics

  • Update October 10 2006: OK, images of Spore are all over. I have put the images back online.
  • Update March 3rd 2006: You can see the video of Will Wright’s presentation here.
  • Update March 23rd 2005: I have inquired with Maxis/EA and found that the screenshots should not be distributed. They have been permanently removed, sorry.

By popular demand, more pictures from Will Wright’s Spore video game demo at Game Developer’s Conference:

The amoeba stage:
On land:
on land
(At this point, we all thought “wow, they really put in a lot of stuff in this game!”)

The Sim City-style mode:
Planet mode:
Solar system mode:
Solar system
Should provide entertainment for a few afternoons.

34 thoughts on “More Spore Pics”

  1. Omg this game is gona rule. more pics please. this game is gona get a lot of press very soon. mm i hope people start uploading their video footage;)

  2. Thanks for the pictures. It both calmed my fear of coming up with the same idea for the ameoba stage (mine’s rather different. Yay!), and also got me excited about this project.

  3. LONG time ago I suggested to the folks that made the SimSeries games they develop a game that combines Sim City, Sim Earth and Civilization (which I know is by a different company). Their response at the time was that it was too large an undertaking. Leave it to Will to be thinking this way all the time. This game is going to rule!

  4. …I think my mind had an orgasm when I first read about this game.
    You don’t want to know what effects these screenshots had.

  5. I must admit that i do need a change of pants now… but i’m afraid i’ll just look again and ruin the new ones as well… this game is almost too good to be true…

  6. Я рад пребывать на буржуазном форуме…. Я даже не знаю как сюда попал…. Да , гама крутая будет, Уилл Райт форева!!!! Русские идут…

  7. This looks like the sexiest game in all creation. I really hope it doesnt turn out to be too easy, like all you do is eat and grow – or too silly, like everything you build looks like a bloody Pokemon. I keep hearing about a demo, is it open to public?

  8. thats a site to find the spore video,from the name of the site it seems offical so its probobly legal,you ahve to register,but its free and you can put anything for company name(i put N/A at the moment) it took me about 3 seconds to register and start watching the film,its an hour long……simply amazing cant wait for this game its going to kick ass…….

  9. This game is going to be awesome but there is always more to do. Like imagine if this was somehow turned into a massive multiplayer and you fought against other players for control of the universe rather than just against what other players have ‘created’.

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